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By March 16, 2019 Boho Beautiful
boho beautiful job applications

To Interested Applicants,

If this blog is still up on the front page of our website it means that we are still looking for help for the below mentioned positions. You can think of this blog as a live living piece/posting. If there is a specific area we are looking for help with, it will be listed until it has been filled and then we will edit it out. We are going to diligently read and assess everything that comes in but please keep in mind that we are unsure if we will be able to respond to every single applicant personally. If you don’t hear from us, feel free to keep us updated and swing back our way as many times as you think is necessary.

We fully appreciate from the bottom of our hearts anyone who has and who is considering to apply. It has been a long and hard road  for just the two of us on our own. But right now we know, that it’s time to build a team. The path thus far has been stitched together with such reward, fulfillment, and unforgettable accomplishment and we recognize that it’s now time to share these experiences with other talented and passionate people. Knowing that more energy means more impact and reach. A collective growth in a multitude of directions.

This whole thing truly is a dream coming true.

So without any further ado…



Video Content Creators- Looking for experienced video makers to join our production team. Creative team players who learn the ropes quick, have a desire for perfection over completion, and either have a small armoury of various creative guerrilla skills to build video content from the ground up or are laser focussed solely on one specific ninja skill that can be tapped on as needed (example- professional level editor, post production, etc).

Please make sure to send a reel or portfolio with your application.  

Well rounded videographers must love to and be easy to travel/adventure with. This would probably be or work towards a ‘come travel the world’ situation. 


Innovative Social Media Managers/Marketers- Looking to hire highly motivated savvy social media types. Either as an individual, or to partner with / hire a company-  both of which must understand and be able to execute social media strategy, scheduling, marketing, and the paid advertisement space.

For individual applicants a huge benefit would be to have creative/ writing / photography skills to pair, as then it would make sense to come on the road with us while we travel for production. 


Business Managers/Rain Makers- Looking for people to step in full-time and assist on an artist/creator management level. To help develop and manage the current workload across the board but also to be able to strategically pick up the phone or write emails in order to create new Boho Beautiful opportunities. Someone who can start and maintain new relationships on behalf of Boho Beautiful.  Artist management experience is an incredible bonus but not completely necessary, however relentless persistence/energy, ability to project manage micro and macro, and a long term vision is a must.

An excitement towards the idea of being at the core of something extremely special is a necessity.

Multi tasking & project management skills must be on point.


Product Development Gurus- We are hoping to hire an individual or team up/partner with companies that can help assist in product development. We see a future for Boho Beautiful which will include creating a variety of eco-friendly, minimal footprint, highly conscious products to lead by example and show the world a fully responsible and ethical market place is possible.

Project management and research skills must be on point.

Product development experience of any kind would be extremely valuable. 


Online Web & Application Master Designers- Looking for individuals or companies to help develop and upkeep a new website/store and a standalone app. Ability to design and code from bottom up, as well as S.E.O., maintenance, and site development over time is a must.

Project management, impeccable follow through, and the ability to be available in times of need are required assets. 



Travel Photographers- Professional photographers who love to travel, have an eye for yoga, and a deep yearning for nature, adventure, and  world experience.

Must love and be easy to travel with.


Graphic Design & Layout Artists- Looking for people that we can engage as needed for layout and design for program booklets, online content, marketing materials, and more.


Content and Copy Editor/Writer- Someone with the skills and arts of language to assist in writing and/editing copy, posts, content, and blogs.




  1. Please send a resume/CV with a creative cover letter* of some kind to:  hiring@bohobeautiful.life
  2. PLEASE make sure the position you are applying for is in the subject line of your email
  3. Include links to portfolios, reels, projects, etc. as you deem necessary.

Creative Cover Letter*-  Some kind of digital material meant to strategically grab our attention and best illustrate your desire, creativity, out of the box thinking, and/or ability to execute. It could be a concise/standard introduction letter or as simple as one singular word on an image;   a link to a video that speaks to us directly or an audio file so that we can understand a little more about you; sincerely, anything at all really… we see it as a great opportunity to add a little something more than the usual 8 point resume that would grant us a different perspective into your application. 


What we are looking for are passionate team members. People who want to be a part of something big from what we now see is the very start.

We believe in people’s energy, standard of work, and vision above all else and across the board.


Thank you for reading and digesting all this.

Love & Light…

Juliana & Mark