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This is a place where stories of success, transformation, and personal growth are meant to inspire one and other. We are so blessed that so many of you have given purpose to our videos and have been able to apply them to your own personal journeys. Your stories have inspired us to keep going: from weight loss, to shifting perspectives of the world, to yoga guiding you to what you needed, to plant based journeys, to rehabilitations and recovery, and new found daily mindfulness.

We believe it’s important to share our stories. As we grow, and as we speak of our growth, and when others hear and witness it for themselves, it spreads the spark of belief… and belief is the key ingredient to all change. Just as the entire world believed that running the four minute mile was impossible until Roger Bannister broke that barrier, once it was proven it could be done, it was the belief that it could be done that now allows people to accomplish it constantly.

So read a story and leave your story.

Take what you need for your journey.

And hope someone takes something from yours.

It doesn’t matter how small your steps are, you never know who might need them.

This is #ProjectInspire

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  • Get creative, it doesn’t have to be your beautiful face. It can be a yoga pose, your dog, your family, or you and your workout buddy. Have fun with it!
  • Dave Lalor in Ireland

    Age: 35

    I struggled with a lot of personal issues, including anxiety and depression, throughout my 20’s and into my early 30’s. I also seemed to have a never ending identity crisis and could never seem to nail down who i was or where i was supposed to be going. Through Boho Beautiful’s youtube channel i discovered the beautiful and amazing art of yoga. This has quite literally changed my life. My confidence levels, fitness, flexibility and general outlook have progressively improved through daily yoga practice. I know there are hundreds of different yoga channels on youtube but there is something about this channel that just makes it all so easy to follow. Juliana’s abilities are amazing but not daunting and i genuinely feel (and know) that i too will be that advanced in my yoga practice in the future. Every one of their videos are beautifully shot, each one in a spectacular location. I am so so grateful to both of these wonderful people and my only hope is that others will find this treasure trove of beauty, love and light that is Boho Beautiful.

    Peace and love.

  • Ashley Boggs in Houston, TX

    Age: 27

    I work a cubicle job from 8:00-4:30 and takes me an hour to drive to and from work. Being in the seated position all day and not doing much movement, which is my own fault, I developed sciatica pain and weak muscles. I knew I had to start taking care of myself. I really didn’t know how to work out and started on some pretty intense work outs, which I didn’t look forward to and quit because I was overdoing it. I heard of yoga many times, but didn’t think it would be a real work out and thought it as just meditation. Once I found bohobeautiful wow did it prove me wrong. I look forward to the workouts and enjoy it. I felt stronger within the first couple of videos awakening muscles i haven’t used in a long time and my posture and sciatica improved. I have recommended bohobeautiful to family and friends. Remember to be gentle on yourself and don’t give up?

  • Liat P in Tel Aviv, Israel

    Age: 37

    My name is Liat, I’m 37 years old married with four children residing in Israel. I have been employed for the last 15 years as as personal assistant to an Israeli business man. In addition, on the creative side I enjoy photography, crafting and carpet ry.

    Recently I have been standing at the biggest crossroad of my life, trying to figure out the right way forward for me and for my family. I realized that in order to get through this difficult period of time and to make the right decision for myself I need to get to know myself better and not to rush. I tried Yoga for the first time 3 months ago on YouTube, and one month ago I “got to know” Boho Beautiful and it is amazing!! I love the flow and the great meditations and I really feel I’m on the right road. Juliana I love listen to you every day, sometimes twice a day. You are absolutely amazing. The special way you present the yoga and the meditation it’s so moving that I feel it’s made especially for me at this stage of my life!
    Hope to keep doing it and to be guided in making the right decision that will obviously take me to the next new level in my life.

  • Ranaee Maryy in Queensland, Australia

    Age: 23

    I found myself through boho beautiful. I first discovered boho beautiful a few years ago, I wanted to learn yoga, and The videos were perfect for beginnings, although I didn’t really use YouTube much. I was going through a bit of a rough patch in my life, being lost and going through a bad break up. When I turned 21 I decided to become vegan, that was a such an up and down rollercoaster ride since I had no one really around me who was vegan except for 1 friends. And about a year later boho beautiful started posting ‘what I eat in a day’ videos which really inspired me.
    I started watching the ‘inspire’ video playlist and really felt in touch with boho beautiful. Like finally someone understood what was in my heart. When they started the boho diaries I literally felt a fire go off in me! I wanted to be free. Break away from the system and live my life!
    I’ve always wanted to build a van into a house and live freely!
    Boho beautiful have inspired me sooooo much! I can’t explain it. It’s like they get it! They know what it’s like to want to be free some all this business. And I’m so glad that they share it!

    I feel everyday I’m feeling down they always post a video that lifts my spirit up again.
    I’m truely grateful to have found boho beautiful! They are such amazing lovely beautiful humans! Who’ve literally lite the spark in me again! ❤️

  • Age: 26

    Thank you so much for the positive impact your videos, and warm energy has given me.
    4 years ago, I had my second open heart surgery to fix a leaky valve (born with chd)
    Before my surgery I was personal training, lifting weights and running miles. After surgery I could no longer lift these weights due to sternum pain, and pressure on the heart.
    Although this was tough to accept, I thought I’d just try something new and adapt to a new way of training.
    That’s where you both came in.
    I have never felt stronger in both my body, core and mind .
    You have helped me change my perspective and opened my mind to a new form of training which has given me incredible results, definition and balance.

    So thank you for being a very big inspiration to me!
    Lots of Love

  • Nicole Theron Parkes in Charleston, South Carolina

    Age: 28

    Before finding Boho Beautiful I was living a life based on how I thought others wanted me to live. I felt empty. I had depression and anxiety. I was lonely all the time. I was also very sick with chronic illness. I have always wanted to travel but I thought I didn’t like road tripping and I was too anxious to leave. “I’ll just stay here, even though I’m miserable, because at least I know what to expect.” One day I found the Boho Beautiful video dairies and they changed my life! I was inspired that Mark and Julianna left everything they knew and went searching for something else. They were the gentle push I needed to do the same. My relationship ended, I didn’t get the job I wanted, so I packed up my car and I set off on a road trip, alone. Over the past several months I have traveled over 1,000 miles, eventually ending up in South Carolina, because that’s where the universe said I should go. I have been here for 2 months and the anxiety that has plagued my life for the past 20 years is mostly gone. I am healthier and happier and safer than I have ever been, and I live in a beautiful, sunny place, right by the ocean, which I say is my true home, because I’m a mermaid at heart. The first night I arrived in South Carolina, I drove right to the beach. I stood on the shore, watching the waves, as a storm blew in, and I thought, “This is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen and I don’t feel lonely anymore.” The energy in South Carolina is just want I need. I feel so healed by her power, unlike how struck I felt in Massachusetts. I also wear many crystals, and the first one I bought was a clear, quartz necklace that Julianna made. I am so grateful to Mark and Julianna, for being brave enough to live as they live, and for sharing their journey with all of us. I don’t think I would have been brave enough to leave and start over, if I didn’t watch someone else do it first. It was like they gave me permission to follow my truth. Also, now I love road trips and am already planning a new road trip for next year. Now that I have traveled and I know I can do it, I want to travel the world 🙂

    Love, light and peace xoxo.

  • Katie Churchill in Boston, MA

    Age: 42

    Simply put, Juliana and Mark have changed my life!

    The meditations and yoga practices from Boho Beautiful serve as constant reminders to be present and appreciate the little things in life. I may be 41 years old, but I am finally learning about myself, others and this beautiful world we live in!

    I spent the majority of my life rushing from one thing to the next, striving to be perfect and completing everything on my “to-do” list. Some of this is may be due to Attention Deficit Disorder, but a lot of it was just my ego telling me I had to be perfect. It wasn’t until I started following Juliana and Mark that I realized there is so much more to life!

    I am still amazed at what a simple 15-20 minute “break” from the chaos of my family (twin boys age 11) and life can do. Whatever it is I need that day (patience, inspiration, joy, energy, happiness or nothing at all), I come away a different person than I began. My family and friends know this to be true! Sometimes my boys join me, which absolutely makes my day because they seem to understand everything you say. My boys enjoy the content and I know they can (and do) make a difference in this world just like all of us who follow you!

    I make a point of “taking” this special time every single day. I am a better mom, wife, friend and being because of Boho Beautiful. I am not sure I could ever thank Juliana and Mark enough for what they have created!

    In summary, I am learning to slow down, give up some control and think about life in different ways. I now find myself thinking from the perspective of others (including animals and nature). I truly understand compassion, kindness and gratitude! I am not sure I could say that I understood these things fully until I found Boho Beautiful.

    I feel blessed and part of a community with Boho Beautiful.

    As Juliana would say, “Lots of Love” ☺


  • Laurie Nicoletti in New York

    In a quest for additional Pilates videos, I found Boho Beautiful’s channel one day while traveling for work in Ireland. I have always enjoyed the varying workouts, helpful life tips and blogs. They have challenged me positively, and make me want to be better! It’s been so much fun to watch my progress with my Yoga practice, as well as meditation, which has now become part of my daily routine. I would have never “been present” with meditation if it wasn’t for Juliana and Mark, so THANK YOU for helping me to find opportunities to be grateful for the NOW!