There’s been a lot of drama these days about vegan influencers announcing that they are not vegan anymore, or why they had to alter their vegan/plant based diets due to their physical and mental issues. We don’t want to comment on people’s personal choices and controversy but we did want to address a question that many have asked us in the past, such as will we be vegan forever ? How do we view the idea of being vegan? Is plant based eating really good for you? Why are we vegan? How do we survive on a plant based/vegan diet when travelling the world especially in third world countries where vegan options are not easy to find? Well, we finally wanted to address these questions…

What is Ten Days of Meditation?

Our Ten Days of Meditation program is the perfect way to start a daily habit of mindfulness meditation. Immerse yourself in 10 guided meditations to bring more awareness and spirituality into your daily life. Each day focuses on a different theme and includes breathing techniques.

These meditations are part of the Boho Beautiful in 10 Days Program, however if your focus is primarily meditation, they can be completed on their own through this individual program.

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